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Osiris Senet Seth
The Pope The Pope Senet Seth Osiris Seth Osiris Seth Osiris Seth Osiris Seth Osiris Senet The Emperor The Emperor
The Pope The Pope Senet a b c d f g h i j Senet Board Senet The Emperor The Emperor
The Pope The Pope Senet Senet Board k l m n o p q r Horus Senet The Emperor The Emperor
Resurrection Resurrection Resurrection
ba-bird throw sticks Ammut
Rolls n White percent Expected Black percent
1 % 25% %
2 % 38% %
3 % 25% %
4 % 6% %
5 % 6% %

Senet Game Rules of Play

Osiris and Seth, as brothers, were equal but opposite forces of nature. In this Senet game, Osiris navigates the Underworld to ascend the Heavens and reach the Sun Ra, the Eternal Light, and attain Eternal Life in the Afterlife. The goal of the game is to race your Senet pieces to Heaven before your opponent's. Osiris and his four Canopic Jars are the white Senet pawns.

The last five symbols of the Senet game board are special and represent ladder steps to Heaven with slightly more difficult rules of play. To climb the Senet game steps, land on the symbol where the ladder touches Earth, the Beautiful House (Tarot Card XVI) below the Ankh symbol (Tarot Card XV). Moving backwards is not allowed and to enter Heaven (the Out icon) an exact throw is needed. Resting on the Nun or water symbol results in a player dying second death and rebirth at the Ankh symbol. The other symbols in the Senet Game are the Bennu bird (Phoenix)(XVII), Isis and Nephthys (XVIII) and the Sun as Ra-Horakty (XIX).

Should you win the game, your ba-bird spirit is immortalized and reborn into the Afterlife. Should you lose the game, there is no Resurrection and Ammut devours your heart. Begin an online Senet game by clicking on the brown throwing sticks. Then, select a game piece to move. Landing on an opponent undefended square (isolated on the path) causes it to return your start position. You may jump over any Senet pawns. If a forward move is not possible, a backward move is required or pass if climbing. If there are no moves forfeit a turn. To play another Senet game, reload the page using the browser refresh.

Playing a Senet game takes about 10 minutes. Watch the statistics as you play.

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