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Tarot de Marseille Ancient Egyptian Allegories Illustrated

Tarot de Marseille Ancient Egyptian Allegories Illustrated in the Archaeology of the Tarot

Tarot Strength (Force) is Sekhmet

Strength (La Force) has the same meaning as her Egyptian name Sekhmet. Her lemniscate hat symbolizes the Sun (a symbol of infinity). She is the Eye of Ra, a solar Egyptian symbol.

Tarot Strength Sekhmet

Tarot High Priestess (La Papesse) is Isis

Isis is probably the most renowned Goddess of all time in Egypt, Greece and Rome and the modern equivalent of the Virgin Mary.

Tarot High Priestess Isis

Tarot Justice is Maat

Maat personified truth, justice and law and order. Her feather was used to measure the worthiness of the deceased's heart in the Hall of Judgment. Maat also personified the scales themselves as seen in the Hunefer Papyrus. Pharaohs offered her to the gods to demonstrate their commitment to law and order.

Tarot Justice Maat

Tarot The Chariot is Horus

Horus was the Son of the Virgin Isis. Horus, The Savior, delivered the people from the tyranny of Seth.

Tarot The Chariot Horus

Tarot The World (Le Monde) is the Final Crowning

Like The Pearly Gates of Heaven, Egyptians believed in a celestial justice and recompense. If the deceased succeeded in navigating the Underworld, death was momentary before rebirth into an Eternal existence in the Afterlife.

The World Resurrection

Tarot The Fool (le Fou) is the defeated Seth

The battle between Horus and Seth symbolized the perpetual struggle of good and evil. Horus' victory was depicted with Horus spearing Seth in an animal form like a Crocodile, Hippo, Donkey or Ass. The Gods declared Horus the winner and Seth was castoff to the desert without a Kingdom. This Tarot card represents the fate of those who would do battle with Horus (Checkmate or also known as Le Mat). Expiation: noun (Formal) amends, redemption, redress, atonement, penance, shrift (archaic) a rite of expiation for their sins. Interestingly, the Fool is sometimes interpreted as a protagonist and a seeker of light and truth rather than the Harbinger of Death and Destruction.

Tarot The Fool Seth
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